Our services

At Zem4, our team of master technicians can assist you to assess your opening’s environment and recommend the most effective door design for your building’s application.

We have the experience to consult, design, fabricate and solution your door opening needs in regards to building design and function. We will work with you to assess the building application and provide framework required to recommend the openings you require. The complete door opening package provides the value added construction and may include modifying, framing, cutting and finishing the opening for optimal door function.

It is important to involve us during your planning and design stage so we can assist you with selecting the door solution that meets safety and optimal functionality for your building application.


Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) 

Zem4 Service Solutions offers a variety of flexible commercial, industrial and residential door repair and maintenance programs scheduled to your operations. Complete thorough inspections on all critical door parts that focus on repair and maintenance with long-term solution for optimal safe function.

Our team of master technicians has extensive experience with all door types, application environments and high standard of safety practices. Mission Zero is our record !    


 Complete Door Openings - Solutions and Modifications

√  Project Management - Installations - Maintenance

√  Professional - Consult – Design – Solution - Source

√  Master Technicians with over 30 years experience


Complete Door Opening Projects – Done Right!